Skips Rocks On A Frozen Lake, Has Mind Blown By ‘Coolest Sound Ever’

Have you seen this video made by Youtube filmmaker Cory Williams (DudeLikeHELLA)? He was traveling around Alaska and ended up at a frozen lake.. looks like Eklutna Lake. In many of his videos he’s always talking about skipping rocks and finding the best skipping rock. With a frozen lake he decided to try skipping a rock. For anyone who has been to Eklutna Lake, its a large lake surrounded by mountains but also its very quiet and peaceful, so the only sound you will hear is the rock skipping.

I guess what he didn’t expect was the bizarre sounds the skipping rock made. “This is the coolest sound I’ve ever heard!”

Check out his video below. (After the short ad, the video will play at the 3:41 mark. You only need to watch a few seconds worth as its over 16 minutes long)

Have you ever heard or tried to skip a rock on a frozen lake before? Anyone on the east coast or where winter has frozen the lakes solid, try skipping rocks across it and see if it makes the same sound!

Frozen Lake Skipping RocksThe actual cause of the ‘chirping’ sound is from the vibration of the ice! Kinda cool and unique.

Cory Williams moved to anchorage back in August and has been documenting his adventures on his Youtube Channel here.

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