New Baby Moose Hanging Out With Mom

We have seen lots of baby moose this year! Seems like more than previous years!

Have you seen these cute little guys roaming round town lately?

This video was shot by Chris Palmer of Homer, Alaska. Its short but gives you a glimpse of what Alaskans get to see frequently.

This baby moose was only a few days old and hanging close to its mom. If you are traveling to Alaska you are almost guaranteed to see a moose or two, especially if you are on your way to Denali National Park. Every year we see these newcomers hanging out in our backyard, its a perk for living in Alaska. Later in the summer months they will leave the more populated areas and then come back in late winter, all depending on how much snow we have in the wilderness. Moose love to stand on hard surfaces, so in the winter the only hard surfaces are freshly plowed roadways and sidewalks.

On your way to Denali National Park or Fairbanks, look off to the side of the highway as you may just see one of the huge animals.

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