Must Watch – Black Bear Family Roaming Through Anchorage

This momma bear and her cubs have been wondering around Anchorage for a few weeks! There have been many sightings of this cute family. Watch the video below.. its short but shows the little cubs trying to keep up with the momma bear.

If you are traveling to Alaska, most likely you’ll go through Anchorage. Either by plane or car. Even if you come by cruise ship and travel to Anchorage, many tourist go to Denali National Park or even Fairbanks depending on how much time they have. This is something you could see if you get lucky. Its not usual to have a bear and cubs wondering through Anchorage like this, especially down busy streets. They were obviously in a hurry to find a safer place to be.

If you are traveling to Denali National Park then you will probably see more than just bears. Eagles and Moose should be seen on your way to the park as well as inside of the park preserve.

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Video by Bea Campbell-Mariano

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