This Moose Is Taunting You!

Have you seen a moose in Alaska? If you have ever been to Alaska, chances are you have seen at least one moose. But have you seen a moose stick its tongue out at you? Usually these huge animals are off the side of the road eating the bushes.. but check out this guy.. think he’s taunting you with his tongue out!

Moose Sticking Its Tongue Out - Photo By Rod Koop

Moose Sticking Its Tongue Out – Photo By Rod Koop

Many of our fans on Facebook said this was photoshopped! Seems like that is the common response to any abnormal picture now-a-days. This is a message from the photographer himself! “

To all Skeptics, I used the sharpen feature in my editing to give the antlers better detail. The velvet was so beautiful I wanted everyone to see it. The series of three photos I took are here, check them out: That’s the head this moose came with, and I just happened to catch his tongue sticking out when I clicked this one. Not photoshopped in any way.” – Rod Koop

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